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Job Function

Scope Creep: How Travel Agents Lose Money
Everybody is talking about fees, fees, fees. Yes, we all know that when you charge a fee, you: Make...
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Functionality Rules
Architect Louis Sullivan coined the phrase, Form follows function. His protégé, the renowned Frank Lloyd...
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Separating the Wheat from the Chaff
…navigating a new universe of travel gurus We, at TIS absolutely love our partners! By working...
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The Oasis of Organization
Over recent years, many people who had spent their entire lives as victims of disorganization and chaos...
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The Reality of Relationships
The Reality of Relationships I’ve been thinking a lot lately about relationships. For the most part,...
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Increasing Your Efficiency and Improving Your Bottom Line: Easy as 1,2,3!
Making small changes in doing what you do can make all the difference in how you attract and retain customers,...
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Travel Agent Planning FEES
Most—if not all—travel professionals I’m speaking with right now are considering making a shift...
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How TIS Helps Travel Agencies Increase Revenue
Insider Video: How Travel Industry Solutions Helps Travel Agencies Increase Revenue. Sheila Folk,...
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Proactive Customer Service Strategies
At Travel Industry Solutions, our commitment to providing proactive customer service means delivering...
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