Travel Requirements
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Washington Seller of Travel Requirements

Do any states require licensing for their travel agents? If so, which states and what are the specific requirements? These are common questions within the travel-selling industry, especially for new agents. If you are operating or selling within one of

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Agent Lisence
Finance + Legal

How to Obtain Your Travel Agent License

Travel Agents have the unique opportunity to realize their business ambitions, but often lack knowledge of what is necessary for legal compliance and personal protection. To make sure your dreams do take flight, we’re breaking down the must-haves, should-haves, and

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travel marketing and media with seo

Travel Agency Promotion: 7 Tips for Boosting Your SEO

It is no secret that it’s increasingly difficult for travel agents to compete in the digital marketplace. Online travel agencies (OTAs) provide ready access to customers who want to book a trip on a whim, travel bloggers and hobbyists flood

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