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California Seller of Travel Requirements
As a new or soon-to-be travel agent, you may be wondering about licensure requirements in the United...
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Florida Seller of Travel Requirements
Licensing requirements are often at the forefront of many new and aspiring travel agents’ minds. Are...
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Hawaii Seller of Travel Requirements
Hawaii has a thriving tourism industry, and for a good reason. While it may seem like travel agents in...
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Washington Seller of Travel Requirements
Do any states require licensing for their travel agents? If so, which states and what are the specific...
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How to Obtain Your Travel Agent License
Travel Agents have the unique opportunity to realize their business ambitions, but often lack knowledge...
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Why Travel Agents Should Make Small Business Efficiency a Top Priority
Travel agencies of all sizes often operate on a razor-thin margin. Even with agencies lucky enough to...
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How Much do Travel Agents Make? Answers to all Your Questions
A travel agent’s job is rewarding – watching families, couples, or friends embark on the adventure...
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LLC vs. Sole Proprietorship: Which One is Best for Travel Agents?
Taking the leap of faith and starting your own travel agency can be new and exciting until it comes time...
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Travel Agency Promotion: 7 Tips for Boosting Your SEO
It is no secret that it’s increasingly difficult for travel agents to compete in the digital marketplace....
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