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Concerned about today’s risks when booking travel? We provide agreements to protect your business.


Tired of the 24/7 hustle? We give you the lean, mean methods so you can focus on the things you love doing.


Driving yourself batty with the minutiae? We’ve got the building blocks for running a no-BS agency.


Sick of chasing leads? We provide a method for growing customer trust with every move you make.


Are you a travel advisor who is sick of all the BS that comes with running an agency? Do you dream of having a smooth-running, streamlined business that attracts and retains clients with ease and has access to solutions that help yield higher profits? With my no BS Solutions, I’ll help you confront the key things that hold you back, so that you too can go from broke + exhausted to more freedom + more profit.


Our guides for effectively confronting virtually all your worries will motivate and empower you with inspiration and new confidence to create the life you’ve dreamed of. Addressing everything from fees to customer relationships, to best practices, our guidance will help you create a viable, well-run, sustainable travel business—without working yourself to death in the process.


Our processes are based on well-thought-out and proven strategies—not on unfounded theory and pipe dreams. Appropriate for all levels and types of advisors, our scripts, communication strategies, and implementation guides are designed to streamline and fine-tune everything that you do, so that you systematically can provide the best service to your clients, even while you sleep!


We provide easy-to-complete legal documentsNOT templates, for every agreement you have with customers, suppliers, and staff. From terms and conditions, travel advisory waivers, and planning fee agreements to independent advisor and group leader agreements, we’ve got you covered. Never have another sleepless night again when you tap in to our warrantied, compliant agreements.


Our Idea Bank delivers step-by-step tips for running your business and adding value for your clients. You’ll grasp the importance of paying attention to the business of your business, reclaiming balance in your life, and earning customers that never will leave. Plus, when you purchase our affordable Implementation Service, our solutions will be operational within minutes of subscribing to our products!

Tools & Scripts

We deliver comprehensive and effective forms, checklists, and other tools for collecting, storing, and retrieving in-depth information on clients and all phases of their travels. We also provide every kind of script imaginable, and professionally-designed customer tips and guides. Not only do our tools go above and beyond, but they also will empower you to do so, as well!


Are you bombarded by flashy marketing (fairy dust), empty (pie-in-the-sky) promises, and confusing claims (unfounded hype) of a silver bullet for your travel business? We know how you feel! We take a No-BS-travel-success approach to address the issues, solve the problems, and help you confront the hard challenges you face every day. You don’t have time for BS, and neither do we!

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  • “As travel rebounds from the global COVID-19 crisis, the industry is ripe for disruption. TIS has developed a suite of highly specialized solutions to meet the documentation needs of travel advisors and agency owners, and to help them achieve productivity and profitability while they focus on the core competencies that drew them to this business.”

    — Jackie Friedman, President of Nexion Travel Group

  • “As a luxury travel marketing coach and agency owner for 20 years, Travel Industry Solutions is a game-changer for my clients and for my own business. This suite of products not only saves me a bundle of time but thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees. I love knowing that my legal contracts are kept up to date with changing laws and that the TIS product includes guidance, trip scripts, booking tools and more. I have been waiting for this product all of my life! I recommend this “business-in-a-box” for all of my industry clients who are looking to build and protect their business with compliant contracts. Now I can focus on what really matters, my clients and building a profitable agency!”

    — Angela Hughes, Owner, Trips & Ships Luxury Travel & Luxury Travel University

  • “I am always on the lookout for ways that reflect our commitment to adding value and leveraging our size by providing the best of the best for our membership. I cannot fathom anything of greater importance to my members than helping ensure they are legally protected. With TIS, we’re able to deliver to our partners’ legal contracts and solutions they might not be able to afford on their own. Bar none, it’s the best thing we’ve ever offered our agents!”

    — Chad Burt, Co-Owner, Outside Agents Host Agency

  • “My client-focused commitment was the conduit to my relationship with Travel Industry Solutions. Once I learned about the invaluable resources Sheila Folk and her team created and has brought to market for travel advisors and agency owners, I knew we’d have a great partnership! I’m thrilled to put the power of TIS in the hands of my customers and to know that Sheila is right there on ‘the side of my clients’ with me!”

    –Lee Rosen, Founder of Trams and Tres Technologies