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    and warrantied legal contracts.

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    with meaningful customer touchpoints and
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    with streamlined processes, tools, checklists
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Travel Industry Solutions is the industry’s first COMPLETE legal contract and document solution provider. With over 40 years of experience, we have what it takes to help travel advisors like you protect your business and increase opportunities for success.

Our field-tested and proven professional solutions provide you with comprehensive, fully warrantied legal contracts to ensure compliance at every interaction and touchpoint in your business. From service fee agreements, terms and conditions and independent contractor agreements prepared and maintained by an experienced legal team, to trip scripts and more–we’ve got you covered!

40 years of travel & legal experience

Legal contracts – not templates!

Continually compliant

Fully warrantied

Ongoing support

Travel Advisors

Whether you are new to the industry or looking to grow your business, having the very best tools to help you look professional, stay organized, maintain compliance and win clients is critical to the success of your travel agency.

At Travel Industry Solutions, we have the experience and expertise to help ensure that success. We’ve assembled a comprehensive easy-to-use toolkit, so that you can rest assured that you’re using the most professional, proven and warrantied documents in the travel industry. Our continuously updated legal contracts ensure compliance at every interaction and touchpoint of your business, allowing you to greatly reduce or even eliminate legal expenses. Our library of strategic streamlined tools, checklists, and trip templates guarantee you access to the best practices of successful agents. Our documents and systems will assist you in staying on top of bookings, tracking revenue, and meeting deadlines.

Target customers with the right tools and message at the right time. Seamlessly implement your outreach before, during and after your clients’ trips. Maximize the value of your service to continuously drive revenue and create raving fans.

Agency Owners

Managing an agency takes time, effort and know-how. In addition to servicing your own customers, you manage the marketing, accounting, administration, supplier relationships and training for independent contractors. Trust us when we say, “we’ve been there!” Because you’re pulled in so many directions, the contractual and legal side of your business is often put in the “to do later” file. This is an understandable, but very risky thing to do!

WE CAN HELP! After many years of experience building a successful travel agency, our managing partner wanted to give something back to the industry she loves. We started by identifying all the tools that agency owners need to stay one step ahead, then assembled them into a comprehensive solution that addresses your critical business needs.

Our exclusive, warrantied contracts provide you with all the essentials to structure your customer, vendor and contractor relationships in order to protect your business. Our contracts are easily accessible, customizable with your brand, compliant, up to date with changing laws and right at your fingertips. Our workflow tools and customer touchpoints help standardize your customer communication across your brand, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your business.

Everything we’ve thought of is designed to help you greatly reduce or even eliminate legal fees, while remaining compliant and minimizing potential liability. And, our support solutions can help you increase revenue, save money, gain efficiency and increase professionalism. We’ve simply thought of everything.


  • “As travel rebounds from the global COVID-19 crisis, the industry is ripe for disruption. TIS has developed a suite of highly specialized solutions to meet the documentation needs of travel advisors and agency owners, and to help them achieve productivity and profitability while they focus on the core competencies that drew them to this business.”

    — Jackie Friedman, President of Nexion Travel Group

  • “As a luxury travel marketing coach and agency owner for 20 years, Travel Industry Solutions is a game-changer for my clients and for my own business. This suite of products not only saves me a bundle of time but thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees. I love knowing that my legal contracts are kept up to date with changing laws and that the TIS product includes guidance, trip scripts, booking tools and more. I have been waiting for this product all of my life! I recommend this “business-in-a-box” for all of my industry clients who are looking to build and protect their business with compliant contracts. Now I can focus on what really matters, my clients and building a profitable agency!”

    — Angela Hughes, Owner, Trips & Ships Luxury Travel & Luxury Travel University