How to Navigate the Challenges of Seasonal Demand in Travel Marketing

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Travel professionals need to find savvy ways to address seasonal demand in travel marketing. Seasonal demand is the natural ebb and flow of tourism in a destination area and can be an obstacle to consistent income for those who work in tourism industries. With smart strategies, these challenges can be overcome to drive year-round business […]

3 Simple Steps to Client Acquisition Every Travel Advisor Needs to Know


Many travel advisors struggle with consistent client acquisition.  It’s easy to get lost in identifying your ideal client avatar or only focusing on building a brand. You end up feeling lost and burnt out from spinning your wheels. There are three steps we here at Travel Industry Solutions (TIS) use to help our clients find […]

Elevate Your Travel Business with Customer Sales Reports

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A customer booking and cancellation report is a financial report that shows the sales made by a travel agency from its customers. This report is important for travel agency owners because it can help them identify which customers are the most profitable in their business and target them more effectively. This can be particularly useful […]

Proactive Customer Service


At Travel Industry Solutions, our commitment to providing proactive customer service means delivering actionable and relevant tools, guidance, and information designed to fill our client’s needs. The bad news for anyone content with just getting by is that this level of service doesn’t just happen by default. You must make it happen. That’s why it’s […]

How to Qualify a Travel Client: 8 Powerful Questions to Ask

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As a travel advisor, you spend a lot of time crafting blissful itineraries, only to have your prospect ghost you or reply with a “thanks, but no thanks” kind of message. Someone fills out your “contact” form on your website inquiring about a honeymoon to Tulum. You’re eager to start planning the details! You map […]

New Travel Agent Tips for Client Building (seasoned advisors too!)

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After a challenging couple of years for travel, things are ramping up again. The travel industry saw nearly 60% of its travel agent salesforce leave the industry when vacationing was severely limited during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has created a wide opening for new agents to enter the market. If you’re just […]

Client Onboarding: Strategies for Travel Agents

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Your prospect said YES! They are ready to work with you. You’ve successfully turned a lead into a prospect, and that prospect is now a new client. Woo-hoo! So, what’s next? Now that the customer is excited to work with you and is ready to sign on the dotted line, how do you get them […]

How to Get Travel Agency Clients (and keep them)

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It Starts With Building Your Trust Bank I want to talk about TRUST. I believe it’s powerful to look at client relationships as a bank of trust, and every interaction is either a deposit or a withdrawal. But what does that mean? Whenever you give attention to your prospects or clients’ needs and keep your […]

Scope Creep: How Travel Agents Lose Money

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Everybody is talking about fees, fees, fees. Yes, we all know that when you charge a fee, you: But, nobody is talking about scope creep! What is it? How does it affect your profitability? And, how can you get rid of it altogether? Scope creep is not a term that’s often used in the travel […]