Platinum Membership

Platinum Membership

From: $16.00 / month and a $5.00 sign-up fee per member

If you are an agency owner with staff or contractors, this is your best value. Our Platinum Solutions Pack includes EVERY legal contract your agency needs to operate effectively and be legally protected, including the all-important Independent Subagent Agreement. You‘ll receive an extensive suite of prospecting, booking, and post-travel scripts that can be uploaded to your CRM and automated; professionally designed and editable Canva customer touchpoints with helpful travel tips; booking checklists; a revenue template; and tools to help you manage all the details in the booking process. This Solutions Pack comprehensive user guides that serve as roadmaps for implementing our solutions. The user guides also provide guidance on seller-of-travel laws and collecting fees and can be used as a training resource for your staff. Plus, you’ll receive enhanced guidance, training, and new monthly members-0nly content. Key legal agreements in this pack include Travel Services Agreement with credit card authorization, Terms and Conditions with travel advisory waivers, Planning Fee Agreement with examples of fee structures, Travel Insurance Acceptance/Waiver Agreement, and Independent Subagent Agreement. Free updates and a warranty are always included for active subscribers. For complete descriptions of TIS products, visit our FAQ page.

Platinum members receive 5 user seats under this plan. You may add up to 50 user licenses for your agency under this plan. We strictly forbid the sharing of our agreements and products between your agency members unless they have an active and paid license under your team or an individual membership. Please refer to our License Agreement for further details.


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