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Post Booking Ideas for Clients

How To Add Value to A Customer’s Experience with These Post-Booking Ideas for Travel Pros

In today’s competitive travel landscape, it’s not just about making a booking. It’s about crafting an unforgettable journey for your clients from the moment they choose you. Enhancing their post-booking experience isn’t just good for them—it’s a strategic move to solidify your place as their trusted travel agent. Let’s break down how you can make this happen:

    • Continuous Engagement: Keep the excitement alive! Stay connected from booking to post-travel, ensuring your agency remains their first thought for future adventures.

    • Guidance Every Step: Be the expert guide they need. Offer invaluable insights so they feel compelled to stay in touch with you upon their return.

    • Exclusive Touchpoints: Our specialized guide provides key engagement points designed for optimal post-booking connection.

    • Boosted Trust: Consistent, value-driven interactions fortify your clients’ trust in your expertise, ensuring they rely on you for every trip.

    • Referral Opportunities: Delivering outstanding service makes your clients your biggest advocates, leading to referrals even before their trip starts!

Your commitment goes beyond booking. Dive into these strategies to offer an unparalleled travel experience and ensure your agency’s continuous growth.

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Travel Insurance Waiver

Using a travel insurance waiver is an easy way for a travel agency owner or independent agent to protect themselves from legal troubles when their clients experience incident while on vacation. The document states that your client agrees or refuses coverage, and also explains the reason why fear of epidemic/pandemic related pressures may not be covered by standard policies.

As a travel agent, it is crucial that you have all your clients sign a travel insurance waiver before their trip. The travel insurance waiver not only helps to ensure you have a signed record by any client declining travel insurance presented to them, but it also documents your client’s understanding of your role in recommending insurance and their responsibility in understanding coverages provided by the insurer and policy.

Other reasons to have your clients sign a travel insurance waiver include:

-To limit your agency’s financial liability in the event that a client decides to cancel their trip.

-To avoid being held responsible if a client falls ill or is injured while on vacation.

-To limit your agency’s liability if a client’s trip is interrupted due to unforeseen reasons.

While some clients may be hesitant to sign a waiver, it is important to explain to them that this document is for their protection as well as yours. By signing the waiver, they are agreeing that they understand the risks involved in travel and that they will not hold you responsible if something goes wrong.

Be sure to go over the waiver with your clients carefully so that they understand everything that it entails. Once they have signed it, keep a copy on file in case you need to refer to it at any point in the future.

While having a travel insurance waiver is not required by law, it is highly recommended as a best practice in the travel industry and should be included as part of your travel agency disclaimers.

Travel Industry Solutions includes a travel insurance waiver along with a travel services agreementterms and conditions, and planning fee agreement in its essential set of travel agency forms. See our membership options for more details.

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