Planning Fee Agreement - Travel Industry Solutions

A travel agency planning fee agreement is a document that outlines the different types of service fees that can be charged, when to charge them and what they are for.

This travel agency fee schedule protects your agency by ensuring that you and your customers are clear on how service fees will be calculated and what they are for. Having a planning fee agreement in place can help ensure that both you and your customers have confidence in the services provided by your travel agency.

If you’re looking to create a travel agency planning fee agreement, it’s important to keep the legal language simple and easy-to-understand. Whether you choose to have a straight planning fee, a varied or tiered fee schedule, or a plan-to-go-fee, it’s important that your customers understand what to expect.

Our planning fee agreement provides you with examples of fee structures that you may copy and use as your own, or you can craft something unique for your agency and plug in the legal language provided to you. All our membership levels include a planning fee agreement with examples of fee structures.