Travel Services Agreement

The travel services agreement serves as a master document for your clients to accept your terms and conditions, travel advisories, and your planning fee terms.  

This agreement was designed to help take the overwhelm out of sending legal agreements to your clients, while protecting your travel business at the same time. Travel Industry Solutions provides you with two versions to give you flexibility, based on the systems you use. One version is provided with a credit card collection area to use within your compliant e-signature or digital signature program. The second version is provided as a Word file so that you can copy and paste it into your customer relationship management software (CRM) that supports e-sign and/or compliant credit card collection.

TIS currently integrates with Travefy when you subscribe to both products. With one click, you can now integrate our essential legal forms into your Travefy account.

The travel services agreement should always be used in conjunction with your terms and conditions. You will find on both versions of our travel services agreement; we have included a line for you to add a link to your full terms and conditions, which should be placed on your website. If you are unable to place your terms on your website, you can provide them to your customer as a downloadable PDF in Dropbox, Google Drive, or in a readily accessible format.

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