Why Travel Agents Should Make Small Business Efficiency a Top Priority

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Travel agencies of all sizes often operate on a razor-thin margin. Even with agencies lucky enough to have large teams of in-house or independent advisors and sizable budgets, there’s no room for waste. Agency owners, whether large corporate agencies or one-person home-based businesses, need to make every dollar and every minute of their day count. […]

5 Time Management Tips for Travel Advisors to Skyrocket Their Success

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If you’re like most people, 24 hours in a day isn’t enough time to accomplish that mile-long to-do list. How are you expected to get your vacation planning done, eat three meals, have a social life, and get some sleep? It’s easy to overlook the things in life that keep you from completing tasks. Things […]

Client Onboarding: Strategies for Travel Agents

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Your prospect said YES! They are ready to work with you. You’ve successfully turned a lead into a prospect, and that prospect is now a new client. Woo-hoo! So, what’s next? Now that the customer is excited to work with you and is ready to sign on the dotted line, how do you get them […]

Scope Creep: How Travel Agents Lose Money

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Everybody is talking about fees, fees, fees. Yes, we all know that when you charge a fee, you: But, nobody is talking about scope creep! What is it? How does it affect your profitability? And, how can you get rid of it altogether? Scope creep is not a term that’s often used in the travel […]

Functionality Rules

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Architect Louis Sullivan coined the phrase, Form follows function. His protégé, the renowned Frank Lloyd Wright, advanced the concept, as he designed what he referred to as organic architecture in harmony with humans and the environment. When you really think about it, it’s difficult to identify anything useful that does not affirm the importance of […]

The Oasis of Organization

Tools for Travel Advisors

Over recent years, many people who had spent their entire lives as victims of disorganization and chaos have learned organizational skills—thanks to a global, self-help movement toward achieving a sense of order. Television shows about hoarders have earned surprisingly good ratings, and talk shows have featured psychologists and experts on order have touted the importance […]

Increasing Your Efficiency and Improving Your Bottom Line: Easy as 1,2,3!

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Making small changes in doing what you do can make all the difference in how you attract and retain customers, as well as how you grow your bank account! And as the industry rebounds, you’ll want to have in place these three simple steps to help improve efficiencies in your operations, effectiveness in your work, […]