Affiliate and Advertising Disclosures

Affiliate programs for travel agents are a great way to grow your business and bring in additional revenue, however, before you set up your program you must have an affiliate and advertising disclosure in place. This helps protect the travel agency from legal issues and ensure that your website is compliant with applicable laws. When working with affiliate or advertising partners, travel agents need to clearly disclose any relationships or obligations that may be associated with these interactions. This ensures transparency between travel agencies and their customers, allowing them to make informed decisions about the products and services being offered.

Common clauses included in this type of agreement include details about:

  • A statement of affiliation between travel agency and associated partner companies
  • A description of any commissions, fees, or other payments travel agents receive from their partners
  • Information about tracking technology (cookies) used on the travel agency website
  • Contact information for associated partner companies
  • Expiration dates for promotional offers 
  • Any terms and conditions that may apply to travel-related purchases

Need and affiliate and advertising disclosure policy? It’s now available for Gold and higher members. See our membership options for more details.

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