Non-solicitation Agreement

Having a non-solicitation agreement in place is important to protect your travel agency’s interests. It helps to ensure that your group leader, influencer, and tour operator are not tempted to poach your employees, contractors, or clients. It’s always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to your agency.

Some important inclusions for non-solicitation agreements include:

  1. A definition of who is included in the agreement. This may include employees, contractors, and clients.
  2. The timeframe of the agreement. This will ensure that everyone knows the duration of the agreement and when it expires.
  3. The geographical scope of the agreement. This will make it clear where the agreement applies and where it does not.
  4. The activities that are restricted by the agreement. This could include soliciting employees or clients, raiding your company, or poaching talent.
  5. The consequences of breaching the agreement. This will help to deter anyone from breaking the terms of the agreement and protect your company’s interests.

Non-solicitation agreements are important tools to protect your travel agency. By including the key elements above, you can be sure that your company’s interests are protected.

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