Independent Contractor Agreement - Travel Industry Solutions

A 1099 contractor agreement is an agreement between a travel agency and a contracted worker that outlines the terms of their working relationship. This type of contract is typically used for virtual assistants and administrative functions, such as bookkeeping, accounting, social media management, or marketing.

Common clauses included in this type of agreement include details about:

  1. The services to be provided by the contractor (including responsibilities and expectations)
  2. How payment will be handled (ie, monthly invoices sent to the agency’s accountants)
  3. Any policies related to confidentiality and proprietary information sharing
  4. Time frame and termination clauses.
  5. The state under which the contract falls, and which will enforce the specifics of the contract.

All 1099 contractor agreements should be reviewed regularly to ensure they are up to date with current regulations and laws. If you’re considering hiring someone to perform a job, make sure you know whether you’re hiring them as an travel agent independent contractor or as an employee. These roles have important distinctions that could impact you and the freelancer or employee negatively if mislabeled.

This is not intended for your travel advisor independent contractors.