Post Booking Ideas For Clients
How To Add Value to A Customer’s Experience with These Post-Booking Ideas for Travel Agents You just booked a vacation for a family of five for a Galapagos adventure! But what do you do between the booking and when it’s finally wheels up? You want to keep your business foremost in your customers’ minds while they eagerly await their trip. If you don’t, you’re missing out on prime real estate! When you stay in contact with them through the whole process, the opportunity to demonstrate the value you offer is much greater. By making sure they have guidance every step of the way, you solidify their faith in your skills. And when their trust in you is implicit, they’re more than happy to refer you – even before they actually head out on vacation! When you follow the touchpoints outlined in this guide, you’ll find it keeps your agency visible to your clients while also benefiting them. POST BOOKING IDEASDownload

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