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I was frustrated by all the time and expense it took to keep up with the changing legal landscape. And once I dove deeper into the other solutions TIS offers, I was delighted to also find an expansive list of great tools to help me increase efficiencies, manage details, and build better relationships.
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Michael Graham
MGA Travel
They are offering a solution for an issue that is a true pain point for the industry. Sheila is a great partner, who like GTN, is truly passionate about inspiring advisors to be the best they can be, as well as empowering them with solutions and guidance to make it happen.
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Jen Cochrane
Gifted Travel Network
Utilizing Travel Industry Solutions has been one of the best decisions I've made. Coming into the travel industry as a completely new agent, I have learned so much valuable and legal information. Customer service and personal service are astounding, always there when you need them. It is worth every bit the investment. TIS goes above and beyond with knowledge and a wealth of information to make sure agents and agencies succeed. Thank you.
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Salena Imgarten
It’s a Travel Life
TIS is a game-changer for my clients and for my own business. Their solutions not only save me a bundle of time but thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees. I love knowing that my legal contracts are kept up to date with changing laws and that the TIS product includes guidance, trip scripts, booking tools and more. I have been waiting for this product all of my life! Now I can focus on what really matters, my clients and building a profitable agency!
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Angela Hughes
Trips & Ships Luxury Travel
Excellent Investment! As I recently converted as a subagent to an agency owner, I have complete confidence in my business using Travel Industry Solutions! From the materials to the excellent customer service, I wouldn't want to run my business without it.
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Kristi Farrell
Anchor Travel Experts
TIS Services not only include resourceful solutions to run an efficient business, the forms also helps you systematize your workflow. To me, having a system in place at my fingertips makes processing customer inquiries so much easier.
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Josefina Guichardo
Diamond Star Travel
By implementing the solutions TIS provides, I was able to eliminate guesswork and stress by setting up my business processes the right way and implementing efficiencies and effectiveness in my operations from the start. But there’s something that’s been equally important to me, personally, and that’s the guidance that TIS Founder and CEO Sheila Folk has provided through her webinars and guidance. Sheila actually has taught me how to look at, set up, and run my business through a different lens.
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Leah Iudice
Trova Travel Group
This is an invaluable service! Thank you so much for providing a simple, affordable solution to the travel advisor community. You are brilliantly clever for thinking of a way to save time, make you look amazing AND build credibility as an expert, while you have the client captivated. Your training was so inspiring and helped take away the overwhelmed feeling I was having about remembering everything. You let me know I don’t have to know everything—I just need to know where to FIND everything. And with a system in place, it will be right at my fingertips.
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Angela Gathing
The Travel Genie
TIS has developed a suite of highly specialized solutions to meet the documentation needs of travel advisors and agency owners, and to help them achieve productivity and profitability, while they focus on the core competencies that drew them to this business.
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Jackie Friedman
Nexion Travel Group