Goal Mapping

Let’s talk about goals! The most successful business owners and entrepreneurs in the world know the value of setting and accomplishing transformative goals. Top achievers often have one thing in common; they are able to set huge goals and achieve them time and time again.  What is their secret? More importantly, what do you need to know to achieve your big goals too? If you’ve struggled with setting and achieving goals in the past this session is perfect for you.  Let’s face it as a Travel Advisor or Agency Owner you wear a lot of hats and sometimes “Company Visionary” can get lost in the shuffle if you’re not careful. The truth is, taking time to set clear goals, not only keeps you more productive it can be the catalyst to huge growth. Leaders that are mindful about creating a clear vision, planning, goal setting, and taking action on their goals are simply more successful than those that are flying by the seat of their pants in hopes that everything will just magically work out. Growing into a solid, top performing business owner requires taking time to gain clarity on your goals, mapping your goals, and taking action in service to those goals. If you do this part right, it will not only keep your company on track but it will help you maintain a work-life balance while you grow. Join Cyndi Williams, Founder of Careers on Vacation, who’s a great case study in achieving huge goals. Not only has Cyndi launched several of her own successful travel brands, but she has a passion for educating travel agents for nearly thirty years. She’s coached thousands of travel professionals on how to grow and scale their travel businesses successfully using her proven systems. She has also won multiple awards for her work in the travel industry, most notably five Magellan awards for her educational programs and tools that support travel advisors and agency owners all over the world.   In this live workshop Cyndi will be sharing the foundational goal mapping techniques she’s learned over her decades in business, and some additional things she’s personally incorporated to help her & her clients reach massive success in the travel industry. Cyndi trains from a work-life balance perspective and shares how building your business, around your life is not only possible, its critical to avoiding burn out and achieving long term happiness within our industry. Effective goal mapping is an on-going practice, not a list you write out on New Year’s Eve and never take action on. Setting your goals with mindfulness, clarity and intention is key, and your follow through is paramount. Lucky for you it’s all covered in this live, transformative workshop facilitated with one of the industry’s top educators. This live workshop is perfect for every level of travel entrepreneur. It focuses on helping you understand where you are today, and gaining clarity on what goals will propel you forward in both your life and business. After establishing your goals; Read More

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