Client Onboarding
Travel Agency Customer Onboarding: Why it’s Essential for Your Travel Business If you have ever wondered how some travel agents can book more vacations and take on more clients without working 24/7, it starts with working smarter not harder. With a solid client onboarding program, you’ll set the stage for success in everything you do in your travel business. You’ll benefit from workflows and tools that help you implement well-run processes, set expectations, and define responsibilities, create a consistent customer experience, alleviate the need to recall information from memory, reduce margin of error and overwhelm, and so much more. Instead of wasting time, we’ll show you how to make more money as a travel agent and have time to spare. This course will also help you ensure your customer onboarding process is well-executed, your information is organized, you have the right travel agency booking forms, and your client communications are exemplary. In this training we will: 1. Define client onboarding. 2. Clarify the long-term implications of and benefits from establishing a strong onboarding process for your travel agency. 3. Spell out the steps you need to take in every phase of the client booking process and beyond. 4. Identify and provide you with the requisite travel agency booking forms and onboarding tools, as well as a workbook to help you conduct a self-audit to evaluate your current client onboarding processes. 5. Help you create a process to support your travel agency operations.

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