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Any plight of the travel agency owner can be traced back to one of three culprits—lack of ideal clients, missing or ineffective processes and protections, and unrealized authority. Not recognizing the importance of addressing and putting these factors in place actually can set your business on a downward spiral! For years, travel advisors and suppliers have asked Sheila, “What’s your secret to success?” The answer is simple: Get rid of the BS and focus your attention on these three areas. 

Now you can now have access to Sheila’s simple, no BS methods for attracting and sustaining your ideal clients, implementing world-class processes, and building your authority. These are the same methods that took her from booking $1,000 vacations to planning six-figure, curated private jet tours and world cruises on 6-star luxury lines. Not only that, but she was able to claim new freedom in the process by working less than 30 hours per week!


“This is an invaluable service, thank you so much for providing a simple, affordable solution to the travel advisor community. You are brilliantly clever for thinking of a way to save time, make you look amazing AND build credibility as an expert while you have the client captivated. Your training was so inspiring and helped take a lot of the overwhelm away that I was feeling about remembering everything; you let me know, I don’t have to know everything, I just need to know where to FIND everything. And with a system in place, it will be right at my fingertips.” —Angela Gathing—The Travel Genie



Booking travel today is a risky business. Changes, cancellations, and chargebacks will continue to be a part of doing business for the foreseeable future. Compliant legal contracts can help protect you and your agency. But how do you know yours will hold up in a court of law? It starts with using legal agreements, not templates, prepared by travel industry lawyers.

Our team of travel attorneys and compliance experts have carefully created our warrantied, compliant, and affordable essential set of agreements every travel advisor should have in their arsenal.

All three subscription levels (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) include:

Travel Services Agreement + Terms and Conditions + Planning Fee Agreement + Travel Insurance Waiver

If you are an agency owner with independent subagents, you’ll want our Platinum Subscription where you will get everything in our Gold Membership, plus:

Independent Subagent Agreement + Five user licenses

Unlike the use-at-your-own-risk templates that many advisors download from the Internet, our legal agreements:

  • Include free updates when regulations change.
  • Are warrantied in all 50 states in the U.S.
  • Ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Safeguard against charge backs.
  • Limit legal expense.
  • Minimize potential liabilities.


You can’t run a lean, mean agency without professional communication, checklists, and tools for helping you systemize workflows and stay on top of your bookings. The only way to make higher profits – more money in less time working – is to have a reliable series of proven scripts and checklists in place, methods for ensuring you never miss a deadline or step, and techniques for turning your clients into invested partners.

When you captain your ship and make every interaction your prospects and customers have with you go exactly as planned, you’ll never again spend weeks and months searching for a new stream of ideal clients.

Scripts + Tools are included with our Gold and Platinum subscriptions.

  • Prospecting scripts – from the initial meet and greet call, to turning those prospects into paying customers, plus how to handle price objections.
  • More than 25 booking scripts to ensure every aspect of your clients’ vacations are on point and executed flawlessly. Written for both cruise and land, contemporary, and luxury products.
  • Post-travel scripts to help you stay stop-of-mind when they decide to travel again, and for you to cement an ongoing relationship.
  • Checklists and forms to keep you organized, make your processes more efficient, and help you keep track of everything to ensure you don’t miss anything along the way.
  • Professionally designed marketing pieces to provide advice to your clients about everything from how to prepare for their trips to what to pack and how much to tip their guides and service personnel. We’ve even developed a COVID-19 Safe Travel Guide.

When you first lay your eyes on our scripts, checklists, and customer touchpoints, you’ll understand why other travel advisors are crazy about them. They will:

  • Help you make more money through soft upselling.
  • Provide you with an added layer of legal protection.
  • Create trusted relationships with your clients.
  • Demonstrate you know how to lead the booking processes flawlessly.
  • Save you time, money, and improve your profitability.
  • Ensure you never miss a step
  • Help you qualify your clients right the first time.



Solution Pack
Solution Pack
Solution Pack
$39.99 / mo *
$49.99 / mo *
Terms and Conditions w/ Travel Advisory Waiver
Planning Fee Agreement
Travel Services Agreement w/ Credit Card Authorization
Travel Insurance Waiver
Scripts (Prospecting, Booking, Post Travel)
Booking Tools
Customer Touchpoints
User Guides
Independent Subagent Agreement
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*one-year commitment required.
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IMPORTANT: In February 2022, TIS will include all of its contracts into our Gold and Platinum Memberships. The contracts will be added to your customer portal when our new website launches.

TIS Agreements have been created by our team of contract specialists. Each agreement is legally enforceable and have been reviewed by attorneys who specialize in the travel industry. Our agreements are insured for compliance and backed by a warranty under professional liability coverage through Westchester/Chubb. What does this mean for you? If a travel advisor has a covered loss as a result of one of our forms, our policy would make them whole.

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