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JUST IMAGINE… No more 60+ hour work weeks. No more struggling to consistently hit your revenue goals. No more saying ‘No’ to spending time with your kids. No more leaving your business exposed to risk. Instead, your business will run on systems and solutions that help it grow, scale, and profiteven when you’re not at work.

How do we know? Our CEO has walked in your shoes. She developed solutions that took her from being underpaid and overworked to being a rock-star producer and freedom fighter for travel advisors everywhere!

Are YOU ready to:

Deliver your service without overstretching your resources?

Scale your business so profits keep rising, even when you’re on vacation?

Attract the right clients (no more chasing nightmare clients or dud leads)?

Improve customer retention and get referrals with ease?

Never have another sleepless night (because you aren’t protected)?

Reach your personal and financial goals with real solutions that work (not the BS that’s out there)?


Let TIS help get you there with solutions that are right for you.

Solution Pack
Solution Pack
Solution Pack
$39.99 / mo *
$49.99 / mo *
Terms and Conditions w/ Travel Advisory Waiver
Planning Fee Agreement
Travel Services Agreement w/ Credit Card Authorization
Travel Insurance Waiver
Scripts (Prospecting, Booking, Post Travel)
Booking Tools
Customer Touchpoints
User Guides
Independent Subagent Agreement
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*one-year commitment required.
If you are a member of Outside Agents, Nexion, or Gifted Travel Network, please look for Travel Industry Solutions in their supplier portal.

TIS Agreements have been created by our team of contract specialists. Each agreement is legally enforceable and have been reviewed by attorneys who specialize in the travel industry. Our agreements are insured for compliance and backed by a warranty under professional liability coverage through Westchester/Chubb. What does this mean for you? If a travel advisor has a covered loss as a result of one of our forms, our policy would make them whole.

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