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Protect your business with our essential agreements, streamline your operations with our resources and communication tools, and expand your knowledge and build your professionalism with our enhanced guidance and training. Scroll down to see full description.


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Every travel advisor should have the Gold Membership! It includes all the contracts you need to protect yourself and your business, and all of our user-friendly resources and communication tools. You’ll receive our prospecting, booking, and post-travel scripts; and professionally designed customer touchpoints so that you can stay in touch with, add value for, and be responsive to your clients. You also will receive booking checklists, a revenue template, and tools to help you manage all the details required to effectively book travel. In addition, this package includes comprehensive user guides that serve as easy-to-follow roadmaps for implementing our solutions, as well as guidance on seller-of-travel laws and collecting fees. Plus, Gold and higher members receive access to enhanced training and guidance! Key legal agreements in this membership include a Travel Services Agreement with credit card authorization, Terms and Conditions with travel advisory clauses, a Planning Fee Agreement with examples of fee structures, and a Travel Insurance Acceptance/Waiver Agreement. Free updates and a warranty are always included for active members. For complete descriptions of TIS products, visit our FAQ page.

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