Customer Touchpoints


You will find our Customer Touchpoints to be vitally important to building relationships with your clients and ensuring they return to you again and again. Professionally designed marketing pieces provide advice to your clients about everything from how to prepare for their trip to what to pack and how much to tip their guides and service personnel. We’ve even developed a COVID-19 Safe Travel Guide. Simply add your logo to a document, attach it to your email, and send to your client. We’ve also included post-travel touchpoint ideas to help you continue to stay in touch after your clients have returned home. All of our Customer Touchpoints have been uniquely developed to increase the value you can provide to your customers, whether they travel by land or by sea. For complete descriptions of TIS products, visit our FAQ page.

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Booking Scripts

Do you take full advantage of every opportunity to connect with your client? TIS has developed professionally written emails for you to send throughout out your client’s booking journey, whether by land or by sea. These scripts cover everything from welcome messages to payment reminders to referral requests. They even suggest how to up-sell your concierge services, such as making dinner reservations. These scripts make reminding your clients about actions they need to take with their trip a piece of cake! For complete descriptions of TIS products, visit our FAQ page.

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