Post Travel Client Touchpoints

Fun Ideas to Stay in Touch with your Clients After They Travel It’s always disheartening to find out that one of your loyal clients jumped ship and signed on with a competitor. It leaves you wondering, “Am I missing something?” Maybe your competitor can find better prices. Or maybe their fees are lower than yours. While you can’t change your competitor’s prices, you still wonder if you’re doing something wrong. The doubt is killing you! But here’s something you can control: your internal sales process. In this guide, we’ll discuss meaningful ways you can reach out to your clients through some fun connection touchpoints. It’s like an extra special perk your client gets after they travel. When you show you care, even after they come home from their vacation, it helps establish that foundation of rapport you worked so hard to build. Download your copy below and don’t forget to save it somewhere handy on your computer for easy reference later! POST TRAVEL IDEASDownload

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