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We are NOT a template provider. All of our contracts are legally-enforceable and insured for compliance.

All of our contracts and forms are updated as laws change at no charge to you. Subscribers also receive access to our compliance team at regular intervals. Additionally, we provide compliance updates periodically that are relevant to the operations of your business. We are also the only legal document solution that warranties our product. We are backed by a billion-dollar insurance giant, providing our subscribers with the very best in protections. What does the warranty mean for you? If you have a loss for a covered reason, we will make you whole. Lastly, we will continue to add product to our suite at no charge to you.

E-mail list agreement

This agreement outlines the services and terms being offered under the purchase of the email list and marketing and details. It outlines the licensing, permissions, warranties and prohibited acts. It also includes data privacy and security as well as charges and billing.


Email policy

This document outlines the appropriate use of electronic communications, covering the appropriate use of any email sent from a company e-mail address and applies to all employees, vendors, and agents operating on behalf of the company. It outlines the policies and procedures of ethical conduct, safety, and compliance with applicable laws and proper business practices.


Group leader agreement

This agreement spells out the understanding between the group leader and the travel agent (agency). It includes details on marketing, trip cost, TCs, GAP amenities, responsibilities as well as other legal considerations.


Independent contractor agreement

This legal agreement defines the term, duties, relationship, compensation, licenses, systems and severance, plus more for your travel advisor independent contractors.


Influencer agreement

An official, legal contract that sets out the terms of any working relationship between a marketer and a travel agency. This document covers all aspects of the content creation process, and helps to ensure that both parties understand their commitments to the project.


Insurance Agreement/Waiver

This form documents the client’s acceptance or refusal of travel insurance and further documents their understanding that fear of incident, quarantine or trip interruption related to epidemics or pandemics are not covered.


Non-solicitation agreement

A binding agreement between your group leader, influencer, tour operator and other suppliers not to solicit employees of your company and customers. It acknowledges their obligation to refrain from activities that threaten your business activities.


Referral agreement

An agreement between companies or individuals who refer potential clients or leads to the other party, in exchange for some form of compensation for the referral. This document outlines the terms and conditions set forth by each party and recommended compensation.


Planning fee agreement

This document provides an overview of service fee types, what to charge and when to charge it. Included is examples of straight planning fees and plan-to-go fees along with the essential legal language you need to protect your agency. 


Terms and conditions with Travel advisory waiver

This essential contract outlines the responsibility of your agency including payment schedules, cancellation terms and supplier details. It also includes disclosures and travel advisory/COVID releases to protect your agency from events that are beyond your control.

Travel services agreement

This document services as your master agreement for your client to accept your terms and conditions, travel advisories, planning fees, and payments. Two versions are provided, giving you the flexibility to upload the agreement to your CRM or use it with an e-sign program.


Website privacy policy

This policy details how the operators of your site will collect, store, protect, and utilize personal data provided by its users – from personal information collected, usage and analytics, cookies and text message data to general announcements, third-party service providers and compliance with laws.


Website terms of use

Terms of use establishes the rules and regulations for visitors visiting your business website. It’s also a way to protect your business by limiting liability.


1099 personnel agreement

This legal and binding agreement is between the Agency and 1099 contractors that support the administrative function of your business. This is not intended for your travel advisor independent contractors.

Client intake form

This form captures the traveler’s trip description, traveler information and preferences – from lodging, airlines, transfers and car to tours, cruise, insurance and budget.


Trip template

This Excel spreadsheet provides you with a complete overview of each component of the trip, including critical dates and revenue.


Booking checklist

The checklist helps your agency keep track of every action that is required on a customer’s booking. This can be used a guide for your administrative personnel or simply to keep you organized from start to finish.


Cancellation checklist

This checklist is a step-by-step guide for cancelling a booking, tracking any protected commissions and scheduling follow-ups with the customer.

Post COVID-19 checklist

This informative document shares with your travelers what post-COVID travel may look like. It details what to expect, consider and pack for their upcoming travels.


Cruise tips – ocean

Tips, tricks and valuable details are included in this document to guide your clients before and during their cruise.


Tipping guide

This informative document provides your customers with guidelines for tipping by region throughout their travels.


Customer touchpoint ideas

This document provides your agency with suggested topics and touchpoints you can craft for your clients throughout their experience with your agency.


Travel tips – land

Tips, tricks and valuable details are included in this document to enhance their experience throughout their travels.


Packing list – cruise

This guide not only provides suggestions on what to wear, but what to pack. From the “maybe I want this” to the “must-not forget” items.


Packing list – land

This guide not only provides suggestions on what to wear, but what to pack. From the “maybe I want this” to the “must-not forget” items.

Our document toolkit is a step-by-step guide, detailing every document in our suite, with instruction on how and when to utilize each form. Included is sellers of travel guidance and guidance on collecting fees. We also include field definitions in our contracts and what should be included in those fields as you fill out your forms.

We provide a series of post-booking, customizable done-for-you emails to send to your clients from post-booking to welcoming them home. Our scripts and reminders are designed to take the thinking out of it for you and the client, up through travel. Agency owners often use these as a tool to standardize communication across their brand, and to serve as training tools on how to sell value and increase services offered. The post-booking scripts are broken down by land and cruise, luxury and mass market and can be modified as you see fit.

Legal contracts are fillable documents. Booking tools are provided as Word and Excel files. The customer touchpoints are professionally designed PDF documents that can be sent as an attachment in your email client. You have the ability to include your logo as well. All scripts are provided in Word format for the greatest flexibility. Subject lines for your scripts have also been provided.

Yes. You may upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time in your member portal.

TIS offers group licenses which provide you the ability to share, without violating our copyright. The owners suites have different tiers and can be purchased directly from our site.

One-on-one training is not offered at this time. Our User Guides provide step-by-step instructions on how to implement all of our products. Pre-recorded webinars and vidoes will be posted on our website as they become available.

Our contracts are designed with fillable fields for you to enter information that specifically pertains to your agency, such as your cancellation fee. We do not allow the editing of our contracts, as it can change the legal integrity, thereby voiding your warranty.

Yes. All of the contracts can be used in any e-sign platform. Simply drag and drop and then add your fields. There are a number of reputable e-sign programs that start at $10 per month.

TIS welcomes all suggestions and recommendations and takes each and every one into consideration. Any changes or updates will be done on a quarterly basis.

TIS will notify its customers immediately when a material change in the law is made and the update will occur immediately. Otherwise, reviews and updates are made quarterly.

All of our scripts, tools and touchpoints are proven and developed by our managing partner, who built her agency to $8 million in revenue in its first two years. The methodologies and tools included in our suite have been considered to be one of the greatest surprise assets of our product.

If you are interested in select portions of our product, please email us with your request. We will make every effort to accommodate your request, within reason.

No. All sales are final.

All of our product is protected by copyright laws and is patent-pending. Reproduction or use of our product without a subscription is strictly prohibited and also voids your warranty. Sharing of our product with non-subscribers is also forbidden and can result in termination of your membership and/or legal action.

Our products are currently offered in English only and are available for the U.S. market. Canadian products are currently under development.