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Are you looking to grow your travel agency and create a positive culture within your organization? If so, please participate in our upcoming educational program on “How to Create Tone at the Top for Your Travel Agency.” Byrd Bergeron, owner of the award-winning agency The Travel Byrds, shares her experience on how tone at the top helped her to attract high-quality independent travel agents and high booking volume, the steps you can take to achieve results, and best practices you can readily put into place to ensure and sustain a culture of success. In this educational program, you’ll also learn how to: Create a Code of Ethics that emphasizes the importance of ethical behavior for each and every person at your agency. Develop a clear vision for your company and create a vision statement that accurately reflects its essence. Create a mission statement for your agency that aligns with your values, goals, and objectives. Foster open and transparent communication to improve collaboration and trust within your organization. Provide opportunities for growth and development to elevate the standards of behavior, enhance professionalism, and expand problem-solving and communication skills. Encourage employee and independent contractor engagement increase productivity, innovation, and growth. Lead by example by modeling the highest standards of behavior and values that you expect of your employees and independent contractors. Want access to this educational program and more? Sign up for a Gold or higher membership today!

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