Productivity Tips For Travel Agents
Staying focused on your daily tasks as a travel agent can look daunting. How will you ever complete your massive, ten-page to-do list? Panic starts to set in as you imagine being overwhelmed by the proverbial pile of paperwork. Before you know it, the day is over and you’ve only accomplished one task. How do you stay productive during this busy season of your life? It’s time to come up with a plan to help you stay on task. In this course, we’re going to review four productivity tips to help you stay focused where each one is designed for different personalities. As you read through the training, you can experiment with which one suits your lifestyle best. No matter which one you choose, they’ll all give you a jumpstart for meeting your goals. Each method has examples of what that particular productivity tip looks like played out in real life. The visuals are in there so you don’t have to begin without an example. (Visual examples are lifesavers!) In every productivity tip we discuss, you’ll find a list detailing the ideal workflow and how that works for travel agents. It helps you “Promote a deep work habit,” It “sets you up to win,” and It “counteracts perfectionism.” We’ll walk you through how each step can benefit YOU. We’ll look at different time blocking methods and some insider schedule hacks. All these are tailored specifically for travel agents by Sheila Folk, the founder of Travel Industry Solutions (TIS). We did the hard work for you so you can reap the benefits! It’s easy to get lost in the sea of endless cheap life hacks and half-baked opinions out there. That’s why we’ve compiled this exhaustive training on the productivity tips we’ve tried and loved over the years. Since we’ve used them for years, we know they’ll be beneficial for you. Let’s explore two of the time management techniques we go over in this training: The “Time Blocking” technique helps travel agents avoid burnout while still controlling their schedules. It provides structure to your day and keeps you on task. It works well for those who feel like they never have enough time for the things that matter. It’s also great for helping travel agents who begin tasks but can never seem to finish them. You’ll find fuzzy timelines vanishing as you exercise this time management method. Choosing themes for the days of the week is another tip we go over in this training. You’ll find it easy to move from day to day in your work when you know exactly what each day entails. With a clear plan of action, you’ll find yourself set up for success. Not only will you learn about different time management methods, but you’ll also have access to a list of planning tools to help guide you on your path toward an organized, productive day. Tools like apps, digital calendars, and paper planners are all designed to help you become the best version of yourself. Read More
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