Creating a Second Wave Season

Supercharge Your Business with a Second Wave Season (or Third or Fourth)! As we all know, coronavirus hit our industry hard in the middle of our busy season and was something that we’d rarely seen before. For most of us, business came to a screeching halt so we could address fears, questions, cancellations, rebookings, etc. But it also raised the question…what’s going to happen now that it has passed? And it ties into the concept of a creating a second wave season! People are itching to get out and traveling again. Maybe they need to rebook a trip that was supposed to take place during the time the virus hit. Or, they’re wanting to spend precious moments traveling with their loved ones and want to do it sooner rather than later. Additionally, vendors are offering value on top of value to get people out and traveling again, too! Whatever the case, it’s imperative that we know the key concepts to make a second (or third or fourth) wave season a possibility. Cyndi Williams, founder of Careers on Vacation, is a great case study in implementing the best practices to bring this concept to life.  Not only has she launched several of her own, successful, award-winning, travel brands, but she has coached thousands of travel professionals on how to grow and scale their travel businesses using her proven systems.  In this session, Cyndi will be sharing the foundational techniques she’s learned over the years to help her clients extend their wave season beyond March 31st. What you’ll learn in this session. What is the traditional wave season?How does it impact our business?How do we overcome obstacles we face during this traditional time?Actionables to keep our business moving forward.And when combined, how these actionables can create a second wave!This session is brought to us compliments of Cyndi Williams and Wanderlust Campus. 

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