Travel Agency Contracts And Disclaimers
Travel agency contracts and disclaimers are important for any travel agent. It is essential to have all the proper paperwork and documentation in order before entering into any travel arrangements. This will help to avoid any potential problems or complications that could arise during or after the trip. There are a variety of different travel agency contracts and disclaimer forms available, so it is important to make sure you are using compliant legal contracts and not unenforceable travel agent templates that can be found online. When you work with Travel Industry Solutions, you can rest assured that all our agreements are warrantied and kept up to date with changing laws, plus, we provide guidance on how to communicate with your clients’ about material changes to any agreements. In this webinar you will learn how TIS takes the fear out of sending a travel services agreement, terms and conditions for travel services, travel insurance waivers, travel planning fee agreement, and other disclaimers all travel agency owners and independent travel agents should implement, how to ensure all necessary protections are in place, what signatures are required, and what notification processes you should follow.

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