Gold Membership

Gold Membership

From: $49.99 / month and a $10.00 sign-up fee

Every travel advisor should have the Gold Membership! It includes all the contracts you need to protect yourself and your business, and all of our user-friendly resources and communication tools. You’ll receive our prospecting, booking, and post-travel scripts; and professionally designed customer touchpoints so that you can stay in touch with, add value for, and be responsive to your clients. You also will receive booking checklists, a revenue template, and tools to help you manage all the details required to effectively book travel. In addition, this package includes comprehensive user guides that serve as easy-to-follow roadmaps for implementing our solutions, as well as guidance on seller-of-travel laws and collecting fees. Plus, Gold and higher members receive access to enhanced training and guidance! Key legal agreements in this membership include a Travel Services Agreement with credit card authorization, Terms and Conditions with travel advisory clauses, a Planning Fee Agreement with examples of fee structures, and a Travel Insurance Acceptance/Waiver Agreement. Free updates and a warranty are always included for active members. For complete descriptions of TIS products, visit our FAQ page.


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